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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

Archived Before & After Photos

Storm/Debris Damage

This commercial client had some roofing work performed and ended up with water damage and debris all over their consumables. The main concerns for the client wa... READ MORE

Bat Remediation in Quinton, NJ

Biohazards can come in a multitude of ways. Human waste, blood, and even bat dropping are to be considered a biohazard. From the bat dropping its actually affec... READ MORE

Water damage in Swedesboro, NJ turned into beauty

Coming home to find the water supply line to your refrigerator gushing out water onto you kitchen floor can be a nightmare. But the Water Damage Experts at SERV... READ MORE

Clean Water Source Damages Pedricktown, NJ Basement

One Saturday afternoon a Pedricktown, NJ homeowner was not thinking they would have about 2" of water in their basement due to a broken supply line pipe. After ... READ MORE

Mitigation Services in Elmer, NJ

SERVPRO of Salem County got called to a residence in Elmer, NJ for a homeowner that came home from a business trip to find her den's ceiling had fallen through ... READ MORE

Pennsville Cooking Fire Damage

We all know walking away from the stove while cooking can be extremely dangerous. But then again we all can say that we are guilty of it. Recently in Pennsville... READ MORE

Water Damage Mitigation in Elmer, NJ Basement

In the process of the washer and dryer being moved, the hose sprung a leak and filled the entire basement with water. SERVPRO of Salem County was called on for ... READ MORE

Woodstown Fourth of July Parade

Our team here at SERVPRO of Salem County was very blessed to be in the Woodstown Parade celebrating the Fourth of July. We were able to recruit these little hum... READ MORE

Carpet Cleaning!!!

In the photos you’ll see before and after pictures of a local carpet cleaning that our team here at SERVPRO of Salem County just did! We are not only an e... READ MORE

Small Fire - Big Damages

Fires are never something you can predict. They are truly the most unexpected and most damaging event that can happen to your home or business. SERVPRO of Salem... READ MORE

The Treehouse - Before & Update

Storms can take some wicked unexpected turns. One certainly never knows what to expect. Here at SERVPRO of Salem County, we have recently started a project we l... READ MORE

The Treehouse - Before & New Colors

We promised updates. So here it is. The new color is brilliant and brings life to this reconstruction project. It looks like a completely new room and that is w... READ MORE

Fun checkered floors

Do you ever look at something from a distance, and it looks perfectly fine? What about it looks like a complete disaster, then you look closer and it looks fine... READ MORE

We do it all

Some of our jobs start out super simple and can be done in just a short amount of time. Then we get jobs that we start to add more things to our lists. Nonethel... READ MORE

Treehouse before and after

SERVPRO of Salem County did it again! Here you go! The Treehouse Project is finally FINISHED!These pictures show before and after. Upon arrival, the tree was al... READ MORE

The Treehouse Inside Before/After!!!

We posted the Before and After pictures of the outside. Here's the inside look once the tenant moved back in! Our team and subcontractors have worked very hard ... READ MORE

Carpet lifted to dry!

During water damage in a home or business, no one ever fully knows the extent of the damage until they call on professionals to come out and investigate. That's... READ MORE

Tip Tuesday - Burning Candles

It's officially fall time. Candles are one way we all bring in the good spirits of fall and holidays to come. Whether it's those pumpkin spice kind of candles y... READ MORE

Clean those gutters

Do you get your gutters cleaned regularly? You may want to consider doing so before the fall leaves start floating down and clogging up your gutters while a wic... READ MORE

Bye Bye Allerrgies. Here comes The Cold

After a long hot summer full of allergies and loads of bugs (they were so bad this year). We are sending all of that back where they came from. What’s nex... READ MORE

Cleaner and better air

PSEG, one of our commercial client, discovered a slight growth in one of their air handlers in their training facility. Our production team went in to clean and... READ MORE

Don't play with matches

Colder days are coming, holiday decorations and appropriate candles are being lit. Many are getting their stockpile of wood set aside for their fireplaces. Fire... READ MORE

Our team showing off those Fresh Carpets

Our technicians love to send pictures in to our office manager to show off their solid work! Of course we have to post it here so everyone else can see. So in t... READ MORE

Just has to be done

When water damage occurs in any situation, you never fully know the extent of the damage until you get the professionals in to take a look. In this case, this h... READ MORE

Apartment Stairs All Clean

In and Out! It is always neat to see before and after pictures to truly see what was done. Seeing how much of a difference you make on whatever it may be. Here'... READ MORE

What a difference

We would like to welcome baby Maizelee to our SERVPRO of Salem County team! This is the easy part where she gets to become a part of our team and learn what we ... READ MORE

Puffback Season is Back

Turning your heater over to help make your home or office nice, toasty, and cozy can possibly bring some unwanted unexpected things. Puffback season is upon us.... READ MORE


Winter is here. Bring on the snow! Snowstorms may be a beautiful thing to some, it can also be a pain to some. Snowflakes cling and pile up. We still have stuff... READ MORE

Although Beautiful, also a pain.

Winter brings cold air, different weather patterns. Rain, snow, ice, sleet and shivery temperatures. Even if you think you are 100% prepared for this winter to ... READ MORE

Water Damage created Mold Damage

After a water damage occurs, there is always a possibility for mold to come soon after. Even if dried properly on your own, there is still a chance mold will gr... READ MORE


We have all had our fair share of rough mornings. Right? Those ones where we trip over our own feet, quickly pack our lunch for the day and end up spilling our ... READ MORE

Clean Carpets!!

We love to show off our teams work. But also to show why we are the best at everything that we do. From water damages, fire damages, mold issues, all the way to... READ MORE

Space Heater Safety

It is important to remember safety steps in your day to day operations. When cold days start, heating is a must. How you heat your home or business may vary. So... READ MORE