Recent Before & After Photos

Water Damage created Mold Damage

After a water damage occurs, there is always a possibility for mold to come soon after. Even if dried properly on your own, there is still a chance mold will gr... READ MORE

Although Beautiful, also a pain.

Winter brings cold air, different weather patterns. Rain, snow, ice, sleet and shivery temperatures. Even if you think you are 100% prepared for this winter to ... READ MORE


Winter is here. Bring on the snow! Snowstorms may be a beautiful thing to some, it can also be a pain to some. Snowflakes cling and pile up. We still have stuff... READ MORE

Puffback Season is Back

Turning your heater over to help make your home or office nice, toasty, and cozy can possibly bring some unwanted unexpected things. Puffback season is upon us.... READ MORE

What a difference

We would like to welcome baby Maizelee to our SERVPRO of Salem County team! This is the easy part where she gets to become a part of our team and learn what we ... READ MORE

Apartment Stairs All Clean

In and Out! It is always neat to see before and after pictures to truly see what was done. Seeing how much of a difference you make on whatever it may be. Here'... READ MORE

Just has to be done

When water damage occurs in any situation, you never fully know the extent of the damage until you get the professionals in to take a look. In this case, this h... READ MORE

Our team showing off those Fresh Carpets

Our technicians love to send pictures in to our office manager to show off their solid work! Of course we have to post it here so everyone else can see. So in t... READ MORE

Don't play with matches

Colder days are coming, holiday decorations and appropriate candles are being lit. Many are getting their stockpile of wood set aside for their fireplaces. Fire... READ MORE

Cleaner and better air

PSEG, one of our commercial client, discovered a slight growth in one of their air handlers in their training facility. Our production team went in to clean and... READ MORE