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Hot summer days, Warm summer nights

6/18/2019 (Permalink)

Hot summer days, warm summer nights! It’s time to go sit back by the pool or at the beach. Evening bonfire or BBQs with friends and family.

Fire Safety comes to mind. Be careful while lighting up that fire or starting up that grill. Protect your home. Fires are sneaky and cause more than just fire damage to your home or business. It causes an array of emotions and quite a headache for those involved.

Let SERVPRO of Salem County take some of that burden away for you. We can ensure that the restoration process goes as painless as possible for you, so you don’t have to worry as much.

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Let us show you how we can help. No matter how big or small the damage is, SERVPRO of Salem County if here to help!

One of the Most Common Fire Starters? Dryer Vents

5/21/2019 (Permalink)

One of the most common causes of fires is also perhaps the most preventable. Can you guess what that is?

Something you may never actually think about, the build up of lint in your clothes dryer vents. DRYER VENTS... Wouldn't expect that one.

After every use of your clothes dryer, your vents build up lint. You may not see or notice the buildup. But if not cleaned out properly, the air cannot flow properly, and a fire can easily start in the heating element without your knowledge until it is too late. This type of fire happens most frequently in homes, posing dangers to adults and children.

According to a January 2017 study by the National Fire Protection Association, nearly 17,000 home clothes dryer fires are reported every year. Causing an estimated 51 deaths, 380 injuries, and $236 million in property loss. The National Fire Protection Association also reports that the leading cause of home clothes dryer fires is failure to clean dryer vents (34 percent).

SERVPRO of Salem County is always "Here to Help."

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Clean Your Dryer Vents to Prevent Fire in Salem County

2/27/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Clean Your Dryer Vents to Prevent Fire in Salem County Clothes dryer vents can build up lint over time, restricting air flow and posing a threat of fire. This type of fire is totally preventable.

One of the most common causes of fires is also perhaps the most preventable.

Dryer vents connect from your clothes dryer, and can build up lint. If not cleaned out properly, the air cannot flow properly, and a fire can result. This type of fire happens most frequently in homes, posing dangers to adults and children.

According to the U.S. Fire Administration, 2,900 home clothes dryer fires are reported each year. These fires cause an estimated 5 deaths, 100 injuries, and $35 million in property loss. The U.S. Fire Administration also reports that the leading cause of home clothes dryer fires is failure to clean them (34 percent).

Apart from cleaning your dryer vent, the U.S. Fire Administration has suggestions to enhance safety when using your clothes dryer:

  • Don’t use a clothes dryer without a lint filter or with a lint filter that is loose, damaged or clogged.
  • Don’t overload the dryer.
  • Don’t use a wire screen or cloth to cover the wall damper. They can collect lint and clog the dryer vent.
  • Don’t dry anything containing foam, rubber or plastic. An example of an item not to place in a dryer is a bathroom rug with a rubber backing.
  • Don’t dry any item for which manufacturers' instructions state “dry away from heat.”
  • Don’t dry glass fiber materials (unless manufacturers' instructions allow).
  • Don’t dry items that have come into contact with anything flammable like alcohol, cooking oils or gasoline. Dry them outdoors or in a well-ventilated room, away from heat.
  • Don’t leave a clothes dryer running if you leave home or when you go to bed.

Fire Damage Experts in Salem County

2/22/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Fire Damage Experts in Salem County Restoring the contents of your home after fire damage can be a difficult task, rely on SERVPRO's trained technicians to properly clean your home.

The Four Cleaning Actions Used During Fire Damage Restoration

If a fire ever breaks out in your Salem County home, not only do the flames cause damage to contents and building materials but the smoke causes damage as well. During a fire, smoke spreads to all rooms of the house. Many times smoke causes soot to build upon contents and surfaces inside the structure.

In any fire damage situation restoring contents is always cheaper than replacing. Anytime there is a fire on your property, calling SERVPRO's experienced fire damage team in Salem County is a wise idea. Our crew is IICRC certified and has experience in restoring contents that experience soot damage from the smoke.

Restoring contents and other surfaces after the smoke damage is sometimes difficult. Often the items need to be resurfaced. Other times cleaning the surface of the object is all that is needed. When cleaning there are four actions that are used to remove soot from the surface of something. The four cleaning actions used by professionals are mechanical action, lubrication, chemical action, suspension, and dispersion.

Mechanical action is when friction agitates the soot or soil off of the surface. Sometimes when cleaning soot off a surface, scrubbing the area before applying any chemicals is helpful. Many times our professionals at SERVPRO agitate the dry smoke particles to remove them from the surface before applying any chemicals.

The purpose of lubrication is to make the surface of the object slippery. When the surface of something is slick, the soot adhering to the object is released and thus easier to clean. Some detergents lubricate soot off of a surface while emulsifying the soil at the same time.

Many chemicals used for fire damage restoration change the chemical composition of the soil stuck to a surface. Once the composition changes, the soil quickly comes off.

One of the best cleaning methods is to loosen the soot from the surface then soak the item in a chemical solution. During the suspension action, the chemical dissolves the soil removing it from the object. Sometimes the chemical emulsifies and pulls the soot off of the item.

Anytime a fire takes place; cleaning is a must. When cleaning smoke-damaged items call the professionals at SERVPRO of Salem County at (856) 339-0500 for assistance 24/7.

Why Board and Tarp for Fire Damage in Salem County?

2/22/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Why Board and Tarp for Fire Damage in Salem County? What Fire Damage Restoration in Salem County Can Look Like with a Board-up Service

SERVPRO Can Help Provide Other Services to Protect Our Customers' Properties

For some cases of fire damage in Salem County, we may recommend employing a boarding and tarping service to protect your home from further damage. While these services are not required for all mitigation and restoration projects in the aftermath of a fire, in some instances, they can be an essential step to keep your home in shape and prevent thousands of dollars of additional damages from happening. 

Why Use Board and Tarp? 
SERVPRO technicians can put up a sheet or two of plywood and some plastic to quickly protect your structure from absorbing more damage from external sources like wind and rain. However, we do partner with companies that have full resources to do large-scale buttoning up. This can help prevent water issues on top of the fire damage already in your Salem County home. Without these services, many homes are left vulnerable to the effects of rain, wind, and debris from the outside. While setting up these countermeasures are being set up we can go about our business of cleanup and restoration. By working in tandem, we can mitigate damages and look out for you, our client, and your best interests.

When Does SERVPRO Help Set Up These Services? 
Typically, a small board up and tarp over holes in the home's exterior immediately after assessing the situation when our mitigation team arrives on the scene can also add to the safety and security of the structure. We also want to establish cleaning proceedures following IICRC guidelines for fire and smoke restoration as soon as possible. 

What Can Happen Without Boarding and Tarping When Necessary? 
Without anything to fill gaps opened up in your home's exterior by fire, rain, wind, and other weather effects can work their way into your home and cause additional damage to any and all exposed surfaces. These effects can cause thousands of dollars in additional damage and significantly complicate our work in the home, so we at SERVPRO make it a priority never to let that happen. There is plenty to do with extracting any water from the firefighting efforts along with eventually controlling odor problems that accompany fires.

SERVPRO of Salem County is a locally-owned franchise with national resources to help take care of your home in a time of crisis. Call us at the first sign of fire damage at (856) 339-0500.

Fall Hazards and How to Prepare for them

10/27/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Fall Hazards and How to Prepare for them Beautiful House in Woodstown decorated for fall

As the leaves change color and the temperatures fall the need for many household items that have been turned off since the spring come back into play.

Heaters and Oil Tanks come to mind first. 

Here at SERVPRO of Salem County we have already encountered our first Home Heating Oil Spill of the season and thought lets shed some light on this subject.


Before your heater turns on for the season make sure you have it serviced by a licensed HVAC Contractor. If you think your heater is good the worst thing that could happen is a Puff Back. A Puff Back is when a build up in a oil burner creates a small explosion and puffs back soot throughout your heating ducts and heater. 

This is a costly claim that is usually covered by your homeowners insurance. Think about it, everything in your house that is exposed to the regular air could possibly come in contact with the soot. Your walls, ceilings, and floors to start. Then think about what is in each of your rooms. Bedding, clothing, electronics, furniture, family heirlooms are all things that can come in contact with the soot. 

SERVPRO of Salem County handles countless Puff Backs every falll/winter. Utilizing the latest in SERVPRO Cleaning Products we restore what is able to be restored to its preloss condition. Its not an easy quick job either. Detailed cleaning as well and documentation must be performed to provide the highest level of clean to make sure its "Like it never even happened." 

There is no simple right away cost associated with these claims. Every household is different and every claim is unique. But if you experience a Puff Back do not wait, call SERVPRO of Salem County right away.

HVAC Duct Cleaning

SERVPRO of Salem County isn't just a restoration contractor. We do offer a variety of cleaning services for both residential and commercial customers. HVAC Duct Cleaning is one that we have seen a large increase in over the past 3 years. 

Whether you have never had it done or are just looking to maintain clean ducts a duct cleaning can help with the efficiency of your heating unit. It does by removing dust, contaminants, pet hair, and even toys that fall into those hvac ducts that no one thinks about. After the duct cleaning is completed we utilize an antimicrobial product to sanitize the duct which produces a fresh clean smell throughout the house.

Now is the time to get these checked off of your todo list. 

For more information please contact the SERVPRO of Salem County office at 856-339-0500. 

Fire Damage Needs a Meticulous Clean

2/20/2017 (Permalink)

The dangers of fire damage can last much longer than the initial fire blaze. Two of the most toxic types of damage are the fire itself and the resulting smoke damage. Smoke and soot can damage a home by permeating through the walls, upholstery, ceiling, insulation, air conditioning vents, and other hard to clean places.
This is why it is important to understand that fire damage in Salem County homes can present itself in many ways. Depending on the type of fire that attacks your home, not only are the apparent soot, ash, and fire damage unsightly, but possible structure damage and future contamination are possible.
Never Have Your Fire Damage Overlooked Again
For example, depending on where a fire burns in a structure, it can affect support beams, load-bearing walls, and it can wreak havoc on wiring and insulation. Even if your fire emergency seemed localized to a particular area in the house, remember, the attic must be checked for damage as well.
SERVPRO uses our advanced cleanup methods and detection tools to check from closet to closet, room to room, and floor to ceiling, to detect all fire and post-fire damages. We know where to check to make sure your HVAC system will not spread smoke and toxins after a fire. We will make sure that your insulation is intact and that the structure of your home is safe. If we detect any need for replacement and restoration, we provide a range of services, including building services, that can take care of any fire and water damage and debris.
Because secondary fire damage, such as water use from firefighting efforts can also be an issue, our specialists pay much attention to a full, detailed analysis of your home’s damage before making a plan of action and beginning cleanup and restoration.
Contamination is not always seen by the untrained eye. It can be hidden in places such as your HVAC (air conditioning and heating) systems. SERVPRO inspects the home from attic to basement, to ensure that all vents and air circulating systems are completely clean. If you were to neglect this part of fire damage cleanup, there is always the possibility of blowing toxic dust, ash, and soot, even on the microscopic level, into your cleaned home, effectively re-contaminating it and exposing residents to its dangers.

Our 24/7 Emergency Service line is at your disposal. Contact SERVPRO of Salem County anytime at (856) 339-0500 for quick response to your fire emergency, or to ask questions.