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Safety First!

5/16/2024 (Permalink)

PPE Personal Protective Equipment

Our technicians know the importance of proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Whether it is for mold removal or other biohazard material that may be harmful to our technicians.

Safety First!

The services we offer include the following:

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SERVPRO of Salem County technicians are all trained to safely remove biohazards and dispose of them properly in accordance with OSHA and health regulations. We always arrive at any site with the necessary safety equipment and cleaning products, we can help transform these unhealthy environments back into clean, safe homes and offices.

We are always prepared with the proper PPE to keep safety first, all while efficiently making it “Like it never even happened.”

Duct Cleaning to Prevent Fires

5/16/2024 (Permalink)

One of the most common causes of fires is also perhaps the most preventable. Can you guess what that is?

Something you may never actually think about, the build up of lint in your clothes dryer vents. DRYER VENTS... Wouldn't expect that one.

After every use of your clothes dryer, your vents build up lint. You may not see or notice the buildup. But if not cleaned out properly, the air cannot flow properly, and a fire can easily start in the heating element without your knowledge until it is too late. This type of fire happens most frequently in homes, posing dangers to adults and children.

SERVPRO of Salem County is always "Here to Help."

Contact us today and schedule for our team to clean those vents for you to prevent the risk of a fire. (856)339-0500 or email at

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Hurricane Ian

9/30/2022 (Permalink)

Hurricane Ian hit the majority of the state of Florida this week. The reported damages have been widely shared on social media! I personally have seen luxury vehicles just washing away down there from the storm surges and excess flooding. There have also been videos of people swimming through flood waters and let me tell you why I personally would not do that. Rain water when hitting various surfaces picks up dirt and goes from a clean water to extremely unsanitary. If roads and homes are flooding think about everything that's in the grass and your carpet! You do not want to swim through floor waters. Also at least one Florida Resident had flooding in their home and later found an alligator in the flood water. Nope that's a no for me! After hitting land and ripping through Florida, Hurricane Ian is headed for the Carolinas next. We will keep you updated as to whether Ian will get all the way up to Southern New Jersey. Stay tuned for our next update on this on going storm.

Fires Content Cleaning

9/26/2022 (Permalink)

When it comes to content cleaning with Fire damage, the sooner soft goods get cleaned the better. Upholstery cleaning is more effective when jumped on quickly. As for soft goods like clothing and sports bags we partner with a Restoration Dry Cleaner to ensure any smoke odor is properly removed and the garment is thoroughly cleaned and returned in its pre loss conditions. 

Upholstery cleaning can however be tricky. Smoke odor like most deep set odors can dissipate a bit the first time but may need to be cleaned multiple times to ensure the odor truly is gone. 

Fire cleaning is a process and can take time to remediate. Your patience is key. We are here to help and ensure your contents are back to pre loss conditions! 

Fall Fires Continued

9/25/2022 (Permalink)

Previously we spoke about fall fires. Bonfire safety and things to look out for!

Now lets talk about barbequing. While the weather cools down its still nice enough to be outside enjoying the weather so proper grill safety is just as important! 

Ensure you are a good distance away from your home's structure to prevent mishaps! Check all your equipment prior to starting! Check for gas leaks, ensure if you're using coal there is a proper amount in the grill. Make sure your surface is clean from previous use! 

Grill safety is extremely important because it can be quite easy for something unattended to get out of control. Keep a sharp eye on what you are doing and do not leave the grill unattended. Accidents happen but hopefully with these tips you can successfully avoid any grill fires! 

Fall Fires

9/23/2022 (Permalink)

With the weather cooling down here in the next few weeks lets talk about some fire safety. 

Bonfires are coming people! Remember to keep your fires under control and far enough away from your home so you do not accidentally catch your house on fire. That would be quite unfortunate. 

Assess the area around you. Do you have enough space for a fire? Are there low hanging trees near where you are intending on having your fire? Do you have access to a water source to put the fire out either when you are finished with it or incase it gets out of control? 

While bonfires are a staple fall activity ensuring the safety of those around you can be widely over looked. Make sure you pay attention and have a clear area to have your fire! 

This Weeks Weather!

9/20/2022 (Permalink)

This week overall is looking pretty clear minus a storm Thursday September 22!

With a current 60% chance of rain prepare for anything to happen! Wednesday check to see if your sump pump is properly operational. Ensure all windows seal properly! Check for any signs of previous water intrusion to keep an eye on as we get this rain coming our way! 

Review your insurance policy and coverage incase of emergency! Have all your information in one place as well as your local SERVPRO's phone number! The sooner you call the better! 

Do your best to prevent water intrusion to your home and doing your best to stay on top of any accumulating water until a crew can arrive to help you out! 

Give us a call if you have any issues Thursday or Friday after this incoming rain! 856-339-0500!

National Preparedness Month

9/14/2022 (Permalink)

September is National Preparedness Month where we remind you to stock up essentials incase disaster strikes! 

Hurricane season is in full swing up here on the east coast and we have been quite lucky to start as mother nature has been taking it easy on us. 

Things you could need if you get hit by a major hurricane! 

Charged battery chargers will come in handy if you lose power! Being able to stay connected to what is going on outside and stay in contact with your loved ones. 

Non perishable foods are a necessity incase you get stranded inside your home! Along with plenty of water! Check your emergency kit yearly to ensure expiration dates are still good and see if there is anything further you could need to add! 

We always recommend plastic storage bins over cardboard! Cardboard will break down and cause you to lose much more! 

Stay tuned for part two! 

Preparing for Water Damage

9/6/2022 (Permalink)

No one ever wants to have a water damage in their home or business. But we are going to talk about some handy tools to have incase you run into this type of issue. 

Dry/ Wet Shop Vac - this comes in handy to start sucking up as much water as possible to try and prevent it from lingering on surfaces and can help prevent secondary damage! 

Extra Fans- Some extra air flow to try and start drying your surfaces before SERVPRO can arrive. 

Dehumidifier- Pulling any sort of moisture from the air is always helpful and a way to combat microbial growth! 

The most important thing to do in this situation is stop the source of the water. Find your water shut off for the house and call a plumber to fix whatever issue you have. We cant do too much for you if the issue is not fixed or the water is still on and flowing. 

Labor Day Weekend!

9/1/2022 (Permalink)

This weekend marks the end of summer and the beginning of national preparedness month!

The weather this weekend is looking bright and sunny with minimal clouds. Monday has a slight chance of rain but we will all keep an eye on that as we make our weekend plans. With what looks like a thunderstorm headed our way on Tuesday make sure you are prepared for whatever comes our way!

SERVPRO of Salem County is always available regardless of holidays and will do our best to respond quickly if you find yourself in need of our services this weekend. 

Enjoy the time off with family and friends! We hope you do not need our services over this weekend but if you do not to worry we are here to help.