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One of our great free services we offer are Emergency Ready Plans. They have all the details of your building including the location of your water and gas shut off valves. We provide bright colored tags to put on the valves for easy discovery. A great feature of these plans is that all the information is available online for anyone in your company to access. So no matter what time it is you can find any information needed about your building for when emergencies strike. Along with the convenience of building information on the go for you these plans provide our crews with the most information possible down to where to park.  This service is available for all commercial spaces in Salem County. Give us a call today for more details or to schedule your first ERP meeting!  

Things to think about

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Not only do we offer emergency services but general cleanings as well. Our most used commercial service is carpet cleaning. Carpets should be cleaned every six to twelve months. Beyond that we offer sanitation services, general cleaning services, and HVAC Duct cleaning services. If your office is affected by COVID 19 or any other contagious illness our sanitation services will come in handy. HVAC systems should be looked at and thoroughly cleaned at least every three to five years. Clean air benefits everyone! If you need a deep clean before opening your office we can help with that also as well as provide regular cleaning services. With all of this we also are available twenty four hours a day for emergencies. Day or night give us a call for whatever you need!

Fire Overview

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You just had a fire in your home. Depending on the severity you put it out with a fire extinguisher or the fire company came. Either way the next step would be to call your insurance and report the fire and start the claims process. After that you may need SERVPRO to come out and board up any broken windows or doors for safety and security reasons. After this the Fire Marshall will need to clear your home as safe to enter. You'll want to start getting quotes on cleaning and repairs. During this everything in your home or business will be determined salvageable or unsalvageable. Unsalvageable items should be reported to your insurance. The cleaning and repairs process after a fire can take quite some time so prepare yourself. Granted I would definitely prefer things to take a little longer and be done thoroughly than rushed through especially with a situation such as a fire. Fire odor can linger. 

Head on over to our next blog post for more information on the cleaning process! 

Fire Overview Continued

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The cleaning process after a fire varies by size. If you had a small fire that you put out with a fire extinguisher the damage will be significantly less than a fire that the fire company came to take care of. 

Lets do a quick overview of fire extinguisher cleanup. Fire extinguisher dust goes a lot further than you think and can be tracked around with shoes and socks. If your HVAC system is on and the room affected has a vent there's a chance that the dust from the fire extinguisher could be circulating through your whole home. Typically fire extinguisher clean up is a lot of vacuuming and wiping of horizontal surfaces. 

If the fire company comes in you not only have the fire damage to worry about but also the water damage from putting the fire out. So there is more work and more thorough cleaning involved with larger fires. Taking walls to studs, cleaning, sealing for odor, and prepping for reconstruction. Fires of bigger severity can take much longer to clean up due to the extent of damage and ensuring the odor of the fire is taken care of as well as any water damage and preventing microbial growth from the water. 


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As the company known to be faster to any size disaster we pride ourselves in how quickly we can get to jobsites and perform our emergency services. Any time day or night we are here to help with whatever comes your way. We understand that when these unexpected situations occur most people have never been in these situations before and it can be very overwhelming. We approach our customers with compassion and do our best to help navigate the process and ensure that they understand everything before services begin. We set a clear expectation for the work day and do our best to keep everyone involved updated as to where things stand on the job. We are here to help you make it "Like it never even happened." Trust us to help your house become a home again. 

Commercial Services

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Today we are going to talk about commercial services. We offer all sorts of services residential and commercial. Some typically used services in our commercial sector are general cleaning, sanitizing services, carpet cleaning, and emergency services.

The ones less talked about are duct cleaning. While this honestly might be one of the most important services we offer its quite often under utilized! Is your company transitioning back into the office after being closed for some time? Think about what's just sitting in your ducts waiting to be spread around and breathed in and out! We highly recommend for our current and potential commercial clients to take a look in their ducts and see if its time for cleaning! Ensure your staff is breathing clean air coming back to the office and reduce allergens and potential illness!  

Weather Update 2/22/22

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Taking a look at this weeks upcoming weather its looking like some rain! 

Today Tuesday the 22nd we are looking at rain in the afternoon through the evening.

Wednesday we are looking at a partly cloudy day but otherwise pretty clear!

Thursday we have a cloudy day with a small chance of precipitation! 

And Friday its looking like a high chance of rain through the day! 

With these sporadic rain storms through the week we want to remind you to check your areas most susceptible to water intrusion! Keeping an eye on these areas will help reduce secondary damage if you were to have a water issue. The sooner you call us the more we can do to get you back "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO of Salem County

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If you've ever had something happen to your home or commercial property you understand how stressful it can be. We do our best to make the process easy and clear to understand. We can handle any size loss with the help of our awesome franchise system. SERVPRO is just about everywhere so we have more resources through the US and Canada than any other restoration company because we are one team. While franchises may be independently owned and operated we all can come together for large storm losses and hurricanes. Together we are stronger and more prepared than any other company. We for sure have the strength in numbers, trust your home with the best in property restoration so you can have your property "Like it never even happened." 

Water Damage and How to Prevent Secondary Damage

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It's Monday morning, you're just waking up thinking about making coffee and something to eat to start your day. You wash your face and complete your morning routine and head down the stairs. You reach the bottom steps and its raining indoors in your kitchen. Don't freak out, as hard as this is keeping it together is essential. Go find the water shut off and disconnect any further water from flowing. Next start moving any contents you want to try to save. After that you're gonna want to call your insurance company and put in a claim. Pick a plumber to come out and take care of where the water was coming from. Once the cause of loss has been fixed you're going to want to give us a call so we can remove all the wet materials and start the drying process. Once drying is started you're on the way back to having a normal home. Our SERVPRO is currently mitigation only so finding a contractor is the next step to making it "Like it never even happened."


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Fires can be really scary. It happens very fast and can be unpredictable. The damage fires can do can be large projects or on the smaller end depending on how quickly the fire is contained. One thing most people don't think about with fires are the water damage afterwards. Overall they can be a lot emotionally, physically, and financially. For this reason we recommend checking with your home owners annually and making sure you have coverage on everything important to you incase you're faced with this unexpected tragedy. Cleaning of fires and water damage together is a process. It takes time. Soot and smoke damage odors like to cling to contents and structures. Cleaning all of the walls and horizontal surfaces can be necessary to combat long lasting odors. There's much more about the fire cleaning process coming up in our next few blog posts.